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Tuff Muff provides all your exhaust and muffler requirements

Whether you're needing to repair the exhaust on your family's favourite or looking to up-grade to a high quality sports system you need the expertise, quality and service only from Tuff Muff.

Call us today for an exhaust safety check – we will inspect your system free of charge & run through the options to rectify any problems we find with your system. Remember all the products we fit are covered by our national warranty.

All cars manufactured since 1986 have to have a catalytic converter fitted – these devices convert the harmful gases produced by your car’s engine into less harmful & more environmentally friendly emissions. Catalytic converters can fail for a number of reasons including contamination & external damage.

For the “not so faint of heart” let us do a sports up-grade

We can maximise your car's performance with a complete manifold, cat-back up-grade. These stainless systems have long been the proven winners in providing a quality sound, increased power, better torque and greater fuel efficiency.

Whether it is a 4, 6 or 8 cylinder we will be pleased to give you the options: extractors (also known as headers), high flow cats, sports mufflers performance exhaust systems & cold air induction.


Need a custom design? No matter what your needs may our professional team can custom design a quality exhaust system that won’t let you down.

Tuff Muff - Cairns exhaust and muffler specialists


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