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This is not a mystery or a riddle – it's simply a matter of getting cold air into your engine faster and more efficiently

Cold air is 100% necessary for top performance and economy as it contains more oxygen than warm air and is denser, resulting in better combustion. (Note how much better your car runs at night or early morning.)

The secret is getting this efficient cold air flow to your engine as quickly and efficiently as possible helping your engine to perform better. All vehicles have a factory induction, however most are too small, they cut back on air flow and are poorly situated so that there is no ramming effect and your engine is left to breathe in hot turbulent air from within the engine bay. This results in poor performance and economy – it's like trying to run down the road breathing through a straw in your mouth.

The solution is to ram cool air from outside the engine bay. The combination of ramming cool high-pressure air directly to the engine with minimal disruption gives greater efficiency at all engine speeds.

You truly will feel the increase power along with better fuel economy.

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